Yogendra Singh Shekhawat

Ph.D., M.A., M.Ed., Diploma in Guidance & Counselling


Dr. Yogendra Singh Shekhawat has been contributing to the social welfare programs for more than a decade. He has been associated with various NGOs, countrywide campaigns and special education programs. His area of work includes – the welfare of deprived and specially-abled children, women empowerment, environment protection and promotion of Rajasthani language and culture. While organizing and running a campaign for the welfare of special children, he encountered the fact that despite so many government schemes and awareness campaigns for the welfare of deprived and specially-abled children, the social stigma and acceptance is still a far fetched dream. The society needs more. With a vision to impact the lives of deprived and specially-abled children he has founded the – Rudraksh Educational & Welfare Society.

A lucrative job is what he never dreamt of but how can “I make an impact on society’, is the question he wanted an answer. As a volunteer and a special educator, he was disturbed deeply with the current situation of deprived and specially-abled children in our society. They are either treated as additional luggage or a misfortune. The conditions are even worse in the rural and low-income groups.

One day after finishing the day’s work, he was about to leave and noticed that a small girl with an infant in her lap is knocking on the car’s window. That day he had received a chocolate box from the office, he rolled down the glass and gave her 2 chocolates. The girl’s eye sparkled, probably she has never tasted those. The joy on her face is beyond any description. He came out of the car and asked her if she knew any more kids? She turned and shouted, “Chocolate kisko chahiye?” (Who wants chocolate?)! In a minute around a dozen, kids surrounded him. He distributed all the chocolates he had from the box. He looked at those kids – hardly any clothes, malnourished, and deprived of basic hygiene. Half of them were suffering from disability because of polio, cerebral palsy and accidents. Despite all these, the utter joy on their face after having chocolate is divine. There could be no better sense of fulfillment in life than serving them. He found the answer he was looking for all those years. If such a small act has made them happy, what if they have been provided with what they deserve? With this mission in mind, he has laid down the foundation of REWS. From the inception, his vision is to make society a better place where the need for words like deprived and misfortune has no place for these kids.

Yogendra Singh Photo