1. Short Round Tables for small kids
2. Long Round Tables for adolescents
3. Chairs for small kids
4. Chairs for adolescents
5. Locking chair for Hyperactive children
6. Wheel Chairs
7. Mats
8. Almirah
9. Library Almirah
10. Racks
11. Teacher’s Chair

Entertainment items:-
1. Sports material (indoor and outdoor sports)
2. Indoor puzzles
3. Items for recreational activities
4. Video CDs/ DVDs for Education
5. Music player, Speakers, projector for audio visual room

Teacher Learning Material:-
1. Audio Visual Aids (Computer, Television, Tap recorder etc.)
2. Educable toys
3. Braille slates and Braille typewriter for blind and low vision children
4. Toys for eye hand coordination learning

Resource Material for Curricular and Co-Curricular activities:-
1. Reading books for Pre-Primary level. (all subjects, English, Hindi, Maths)
2. All the books in Braille
3. Note books, worksheets etc
4. Pencil, colors, other related materials
5. Materials for pre-vocational and vocational class

Stationary items for office

Machinery or mechanism for vocational setup regarding special needs children

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